About us

Australia is synonymous with clean and conscious living and a less-is-more approach towards beauty.

The varied landscapes of this large southern island are home to an abundance of natural resources, laying the foundations for innovative wellness products and globally trusted brands initiating a toxin free, organic, ethical, and eco-friendly approach to self- care.

This preoccupation for sharing a naturally Australian experience in health and beauty is today The Ausliv Company. We are a passionate team based in the heart of Lebanon, dedicated to seeking out premium Australian Brands and making them within reach to everyone.
Along the way we have come to know the stories behind the brands and listened to our customers, discovering a common philosophy binding us together. No matter what part of the world you live in, it’s time to embrace the best version of ourselves.

To live consciously. To be aware of what we put in, and on our bodies, as well as the impact our choices have on the environment.

Every step counts in the journey that is us living our best.
Ausliv represents
freedom and discovery
The freedom to be our most authentic self and the freedom to discover the means in which to do so.

Our goal is to consistently seek and deliver a clean and conscious approach to health and wellness. We take our social responsibility seriously and will always aim to act in the best interest of the environment and society as a whole.
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